Does the thought of doing what you currently do for one more year “kill” you?Yes / No
Crave a job that you LOVE, rather than one that pays the bills?Yes / No
Want to feel PROUD of your work and the IMPACT it has?Yes / No
Find yourself lacking DIRECTION?Yes / No
Desperate to find MEANING in what you do?Yes / No
Scared that your WISH/DREAM is not FINANCIALLY VIABLE?Yes / No

If you answered YES in any of the above questions…

Congratulations – you are a PURPOSE SEEKER.

And you’d be pleased to know that, you’re in the RIGHT place, ‘cause I can help you.

I deeply CARE about your JOURNEY because I’ve been there. And I have been helping people on theirs, since 2013.

In 2012, I woke up to the realisation that my career path, was not making me neither successful nor happy (on the inside, anyway!). I started obsessively looking for a way to redefine my own success model. Career Coaching acted as a catalyst for me to find the courage to tune into my own self-discovery journey. The result?

I re-architected my life completely. I am now in a position to follow my passions and blend my skills to serve the causes I believe in. I consciously invest in my mental and physical wellbeing and my business is enhancing my life.

My raison d’être is to enable my clients to do the same, i.e. empower YOU to realise your potential.

That’s why I called my business EUDAIMONIA.

If you are a PURPOSE SEEKER who feels disoriented, stuck and unfulfilled in your current career, my 1-2-1 Career Effectiveness Programme is a time efficient, bespoke, coaching solution to finding MEANING and putting your career back on track.

I do not offer mass cookie-cutter solutions. My promise is that, I will personally guide you to re-discover WHO you are and WHERE you’re going. You will find the COURAGE to overcome what stops you and the CONFIDENCE to start stepping into a place of empowered action towards your desires.

If this is a JOURNEY you’ve been waiting to embark on at the RIGHT TIME (or with the right travel guide), there is no excuse for you to delay this anymore. It costs you nothing to have a hour’s FREE CAREER DISCOVERY SESSION with me. Simply BOOK yours by clicking here.

No hard selling, just an honest discussion about you. I cannot wait to help you decipher your career’s purpose for yourself!