Career Effectiveness Programme

Who is this for?

This Career Coaching programme is for high achievers, professionals or career-shifters, who are lacking direction, feel unfulfilled or are unclear about their passions or purpose. You know that there is something wrong but do not know where to start in order to get it right. Also a great gift for someone you care.

What can you expect?

Personalised face-to-face coaching.You will be supported through all the stages of making a fulfilling career change: overcoming fears, finding your purpose and making tagible progress towards your ideal vocation. You will feel empowered to make the changes you want and drop all excuses. You will be equipped with a powerful “compass” to help you make decisions on your career path now and in the future.

What is involved in the five (60 minute) sessions as part of this product?

Session 1: You will take stock of where you are Now – and where you want To Be.
Session 2: You will develop your very own Action Plan of how to reach your goal.
Session 3: You will identify and overcome obstacles that get in your way.
Session 4: You will evaluate your progress and refine your action plan.
Session 5: You will feel independent to shape your career in alignment to your inner “compass” and career vision.


If you have a more specific goal like a promotion, interview, public speech, or simply an issue is recurring that absorbs all your attention/energy, let’s talk so that I can tailor a targeted coaching package for your needs.