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This is not a happy-go-lucky Christmas Mail… it is a reluctant confession…

Christmas is always a strange period for me. Although I should be happy, jolly and festive, I am none of these adjectives. In fact, I normally end up stretched, in desperate need of TLC and a good sleep. By Christmas day, I am so exhausted that I just vegetate in front of any TV. Because I have no will left to converse.

The build up goes something like this:

Any community you belong to would have had a Christmas Party! How many did you go to that you ACTUALLY wanted to go to?

The Post Office cutoff dates! It is meant to make you feel like an ultimate FAILURE if you miss them!

What about the Christmas songs in every shop on the high street? I feel for the staff who have to listen to them on LOOP!

I fail to think of any Christmas presents. Not an oracle yet to predict people’s desires…

If I send ANY cards AT ALL, they are in return of received ones and normally very very very late.

I do not like turkey, I find it dull and tasteless.

And do not get me started about the Christmas Pudding!

The only thing I indulge on is auntie Donny’s mince pies. I looooooove those.

No tree, no mistletoe, no stupid “Ho-Ho-Ho” flashing lights to compete with my neighbour opposite.

Oh and the crackers? So loud and so empty! Never get the jokes… never keep the treats… never wear the crown.

As I have been absent from my household duties this year, I decided to make a fruit cake for my husband…and realised I should have made it 3 months in advance, i.e. in AUTUMN!!! And daily feed the cake as if it was a plant! I mean…WHO DOES THESE THINGS??? (Actually if I make it now, it will be good for Easter – check me out on proactivity!)

I know I am a complete rebel, but what did you expect from a Greek?

My husband said, if you could cancel Christmas you would! I would not go that far… But I have an issue with mass mimicry and the retail industry dictating my behaviour. The word MUST comes in. I should be doing this, I should be doing that. Sending cards, buying presents… because every one does so. Tesco tells me so!

Am I the only one that finds these things completely against the Christmas spirit, if not pointless? I am sure tradition was not as wasteful and extravagant.

Well it will not surprise you that this is the most profitable season for the airline, tourism, hospitality, retail and entertainment industries. And I wonder what is the need / desire they are fulfilling for us humans in the western world. What makes it OK to splash out in December for us consumers? Why do you spend so much money to go back home on Christmas Day, when you could go another time and have a “similar” experience at a fraction of the cost?

I struggled to put this in words… I put down some reasons: love, values, family, joy, warmth, laughter, ritual, happiness, celebration… but they were not enough to explain this phenomenon.

There is something that makes spending Christmas and New Year’s Days with our loved ones so unique. There is something that Skype cannot replace.

This is the “Christmas Magic” that every company on the planet is cashing in on. Because it is IRREPLACEABLE. 

We all belong somewhere (either a geographical location, or to a group of people that feed our identity) and we yearn to be back…to that hug, that perfume, the warmth of the kiss, being part of the preparations, the excitement of the trip back and the silence we get for our thoughts on our journey of return. This is the time we consciously “plug in” in order to create experiences worth living and worth remembering. Only when we CONNECT, we create memories worth telling. We make time to “unplug” from day-to-day and truly tune in to the people that make our existence meaningful. Year after year, we take this symbolic journey back to our heart.

So this year, on your homecoming journey, be intentional.

Here are 3 questions to help your Christmas Magic unfold:

  1.  Who do you long to connect with this Christmas?
  2.  What do they mean to you?
  3.  How will you let them know “their significance” to you?

Share if this will help somebody “connect” with someone they long to and make Christmas Magic happen!!!

P.S. So that you know, Christmas for me is a really special occasion that helps me embrace my human-side and celebrate my Season’s Failures. I find that sharing these helps me connect! Plus the real reason I go back home every Xmas is… to cut-off and be a hermit. To live authentically, outside of the expectation to be fictitiously happy. When I connect with my loved ones I am alive, and no present can replace this, apart from my presence with them in the same space-time.


Wishing you a Magical Christmas – now that you know what I mean – and thanks for reading!


Christina xx

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