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Easter Greetings – Time to RESURRECT!

In Japan, schools start in Spring time. Why?

A cynic would say that it is to match the fiscal system (April – March). The truth is that it is a long tradition. [1]

Today I want to share with you why this EASTER is the perfect opportunity to START. And some questions to help you MAINTAIN, what you start.

If you are in the UK, we are going into British Summer Time!  The delicious promise of longer days and more light.

Whether you celebrate EASTER on not, there is no doubt that it is SPRING time!!!

Despite the GREY weather, the trees and daffodils are in full bloom.

Nature is awakening our senses and conspiring in our favour.


Start noticing what “lifts” you, from your winter LETHARGY to HONOURING your SOUL’s CALLING.

Here are some QUESTIONS to help you RESURRECT:

a) What do you “get done” and what do you “postpone“?

b) On the things you “get done“, what “motivates” you?

c) On the things you “get done“, how do you “reward” yourself? 

d) Does the motivation/reward combo keep you going in the short or long term?

And if you are intrigued… this beautiful article will shed some light on whether Pleasure or Purpose drives you to “getting THINGS done”.One Quarter of 2016 is already gone. But you have 3 left at your disposal.

For this EASTER, I wish you to honour your SOUL’s CALLING, using both Hedonia and Eudaimonia to RESURRECT.

I am so curious to receive your answers / thoughts, on the comments.


Christina xx


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