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Time to Change is for you. 

This poem was inspired by the career journeys of “Purpose Seekers”. Most of you think that you suffer in silence. But I see the end to end journey you go through (when you work with me). I feel the warm wind that carries the early droplets of the storm. I witness your frustrations, the dead-ends, the tears and victories. I see old empires that have been established in your hearts and minds melting down by the realisations and truths you discover within you. You fight against your ghosts and demons from the past. The change is hard but you are more than ready. You know this moment very well. It is when you surrender to the force within you, that magic happens.  On this path of freedom – you thrive!

HAIKU is a Japanese form of poetry that describes a fleeting moment in time. If you are not fully present, it may surpass you and you may never grasp it back. In this way, HAIKU makes the ephemeral, eternal. Haiku poems heighten our senses and are characterised by an antithesis. Each verse follows a 5-7-5 syllable rhythm. HAIKU was often visually represented as calligraphy in traditional Japanese Tea ceremonies. These verses used to verbally depict nature in all its glory. Here, I chose a contemporary experience from human nature that you have all gifted me.


Whispers in the air
The seasons must rejoice
For the ones who dare
Flashing through the night
Precious in your veins
Is the well of thoughts
Battles echo still
Ancient gods decide
Kings who must descend
Ecstatic the drums
The dawn aims for the peak
Bitter the retreat
Liberty at last
Spirited your destiny
Time to Change


Now, I would love to hear your comments. Or… Why not have a go at creating a HAIKU verse or two of your very own career journey and share it below. 



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4 thoughts on “Time to Change

  1. Marina Stamos 8 years ago

    Christina, so thoughtful and true. The sense of aloneness in one’s struggle, can be so hard to reconcile. Beautiful haiku.

    1. Christina @EudaimoniaCoach 8 years ago

      Thank you Marina for your powerful reflection!

  2. Magda Anagnostopoulou 8 years ago

    Thank you for the haiku. I have read it many times now and every time it reveals a bit more and I really like it.

    1. Christina @EudaimoniaCoach 8 years ago

      Thank you Magda for your comment! I am looking forward to hearing what it revealed to you next time we meet!