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Ever fantasised about meeting your PURPOSE tête-à-tête?

What would you TELL them? What would you ASK them? If your CALLING was a person, what would they ADVISE you? What would they TEACH you?

The people who approach me for a coaching consultation (let’s call you PURPOSE SEEKERS), have a few things in common. These commonalities are regardless their age, gender, education or ethnicity. They come to me for a Career Change or looking to find their Ideal Job. (Sometimes start-ups or young businesses also come to me looking to re-invent themselves.) When we dig a bit deeper, they have no idea of where they might want to go. When encouraged, they normally resort in the industry / profession that they are now with improved conditions… or what they call a DREAM. Nevertheless my first consultation with PURPOSE SEEKERS ends up in a brief that is always as vague as the shape of the clouds. And I am OK with that. I thrive in turning “fluffy clouds” into specific results for my PURPOSE SEEKERS. Bring it on!

Let’s see where PURPOSE SEEKERS are. Let’s call this POINT A. They often describe that place as:

“Feeling CONFUSED”. “Being STUCK”. They tell me that they have “LOST their SENSE of DIRECTION”. They are all looking for MEANING.

It turns out that my PURPOSE SEEKERS, have done nothing about this for quite some time (this time ranges from 2 years to 10 years, so far). This situation has turned into apathy and is by now not just hurting them, they are bleeding. It is costing them, their sanity, their time, their peace of mind. So by the time they come to me they are pretty determined to act!

The moment you realise this is happening to you… it is the most frustrating place to be. I mean… there is no Bandaid (plaster), App, cream, doctor or career counsellor, a single book or internationally recognised methodology that if you followed step-by-step, you could guaranteed finding your Purpose, right?

I often therefore associate this JOURNEY that my clients are going through as a TREASURE HUNT for them. Through Career Coaching, together we create a MAP to look for their TREASURE.

In these situations there are two things to pay attention to:

  1. The first thing on a map is acknowledging your LOCATION (POINT A).
  2. Second comes your DIRECTION. Careful here I did not mention POINT B. In other words, ORIENTATION is key and more important than the Destination (what would be POINT B).

Let’s look at the the Starting POINT of the Purpose Seeker’s Journey (POINT A on the Treasure Hunt MAP).

All that needs to happen here is to recognise and acknowledge that the JOURNEY is STARTING. It has to be an EXCITING PLACE. When this ACCEPTANCE happens, this is the moment when the PURPOSE SEEKER chooses to EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN (uncertainty).

The DECISION lies in the probability that the DISCOVERIES will be worthwhile.  The Opportunity Cost of EXPLORING will be lesser to the COST of remaining FROZEN in the PRISON of CERTAINTY.

So, what could signify the Right TIME to CHANGE something in your Career/Business*?

  • You are not learning.
  • You are underperforming.
  • You feel undervalued / unfulfilled.
  • You are just doing it for the money.
  • You hate your boss.
  • You are getting bullied.

My PURPOSE SEEKERS recognise this TRANSITION PHASE very well and they describe it as follows:

  • You have no SENSE of PRIDE in what you do.
  • You know you are made for GREATER things than what you are doing now (you have outgrown your job)
  • You realise that your life PHILOSOPHY is not working for you professionally (in other words, this is when your PERSONAL VALUES and the ORGANISATION’S values are misaligned). This hits your INTEGRITY.
  • You had ENOUGH – you feel the impact of your soul-crushing job and you cannot tolerate it anymore.

Now you know where you stand on the Treasure Map (Location / Point A)

The PURPOSE SEEKER will only ever meet their PURPOSE “in person” if they embark on a JOURNEY to FIND their PURPOSE. And PURPOSE honours them back.

So how do you know which DIRECTION to take (the second element of the Treasure Hunt of a PURPOSE SEEKER)?

So you are now sitting across the table with your PURPOSE, having dinner.

Where are you? What do you choose from the MENU? What DRINK are you willing to TRY? What is the FIRST TRIVIA you want to share about yourself (in an attempt to be INTERESTING)? What could you spend hours talking about?  Can you SENSE the VIBE? Do you RESPECT them? Do you CARE for them? Do you wanna BE them?

Did they find you accidentally? Nope. You went looking for them. You allowed a lot of Trial and Error. Exploring these questions now, will help you recognise these moments of TRUTH, when they occur in your life.

These MOMENTS of TRUTH just have to feel RIGHT (as dramatic as they may be at times!). And this is your very own DIRECTION.

This is a DATE with your ULTIMATE MUSE (male or female), possibly your FUTURE self.

After a long, yet meaningful DISCOVERY JOURNEY, can you afford to mess it up?


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