Christina Garidi Eudaimonia Coaching Career Myths

I hereby list the Top 3 Career Myths that we all have held at some point in our careers and the inconvenient truths you need to know.

Career Myth 1:

Getting promoted means I am successful in my career

Status and Money. This is the only reflection of how successful you are. This is what most of us desire regardless of the Growth or Joy we feel at work.

Truth 1:

This is normally the only career progression a company can offer.

Remember this is not based on what you want, but what the company wants or can provide. This requires you to be honest about: What is success to you?

Think laterally:

  • Are you getting experience on the projects you want exposure on?
  • Are you expanding your network or working alongside the people/influencers you aspire to?
  • Are you continuing to learn and grow as a person through your work?

Remember to consider and negotiate these factors whenever you are going through your annual performance evaluation!


Career Myth 2:

If I work hard enough, someone will recognise me and give me the career opportunities I was waiting for.

Hard work and proving yourself is what you should care about. The rest happens automatically. Making yourself irreplaceable is the ultimate goal to get you noticed at work.

Truth 2:

Don’t wait to be chosen, choose yourself.

You need to hassle. An employer will not want to lose you, of course. That does not mean they will advise you on where your skills and personality will help you thrive. You need to actively manage your career. If you are good, you may get promoted – but the employer will NOT take care of your career progression. Only by knowing what you want, will get you what you want.


Career Myth 3:

In my career, I have to choose between MONEY or PASSION.

One or the other. Be realistic, you cannot have it all. And so the choice is obvious. Only a few lucky or senior people can have it ALL.

Truth 3:

Money and Passion  are not mutually exclusive!

Passion is the fuel that fires your career engine and keeps you going in the long term. Your career is not a sprint; it is a marathon. The fact is that in different phases of your life, Passion or Money might be a priority. This does not mean that the secondary, should not exist at all. When your career choices are aligned to your “Purpose”, you do not have to go through this dilemma.

Eudaimonia Career Coaching ensures that our clients dispel all these Career Myths and re-architect their career to fulfil their potential. If this is important to you, let’s talk about your career now:

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