We all hit rock bottom sometimes… we get overly emotional out of the blue or reasonably…
Emotional reasonably? Can these words even make sense next to each other? Well…
That’s my point. When that happens, what do you do?

Hit the Esc button hard and repeatedly.

So… where is a place you’d rather be?
For me it’s home.
What do I mean by home?
It’s a feeling like Eudaimonia.

Below are some shortcuts for me to access that ease, that comfort, that cosiness. That joy of belonging. Where I feel safe.

Here are my ways of “homecoming”, in a heartbeat.

1. Music
Listen to your favourite music loud. What’s on your Spotify list on repeat, huh?

2. Meditation
I recently started an intimate small meditation WhatsApp group. It is a 21-day challenge focusing on abundance.
It teaches us to connect to our higher self and seek for guidance within. It’s great to know, I can return to my breath in an instant.

3. Active
DANCE till the morning light or go out for a walk in the park (cycle, run, or yoga) —> Basically get moving!

4. Reading
Reading is free therapy: I often resort to bibliotherapy and reading poetry especially in my mother tongues – Greek / Japanese.

5. Creative
Get creative – Draw, paint, knit, sculpt, origami, cook, bake, play music – use your HANDS.

6. Write
Write … an article, a book, your journal or a Poetry verse or two. Putting ink on paper is a divine process.
The neurological pathways formed when we write (i.e. formulate our thoughts and express our voice) are powerful.

7. Talk
Meet friends who listen. And MOAN your heart out. Talk, sing or scream it all out, don’t keep it in.

8. Touch
Touch or hug or cuddle – being touched is essential for humans.
When I went to Neals Yard Remedies School of Massage – Read: a failed attempt to get my husband to give me more massages…
the Golden Nugget was this: the instructor shared this story about an orphanage in Romania.
The experiment had carers touch one group of children and deprive another of touch.
The ones who were untouched developed emotional and cognitive problems (high cortisol levels).

9. Travel
SOLO travel – grab your bag and go. No huge planning needed for reflective time alone.
Do you have a happy place? Is it your favourite gallery, coffee shop or bench?
You are the only person to create that space for thoughts and feelings to emerge, and be processed.
Make sure you disconnect fully. DON’T BE FOUND!

10. Smell
Light a candle or incense. Or wear your favourite perfume. Our sense of smell takes us down memory lane.

I pledge for the ESC button to be renamed “homecoming” button.
Or better yet, “Eudaimonia” button.

How do you feel most at “home”?
Where does the “Eudaimonia” button take you?
Please let me know your “homecoming” shortcuts in a comment below.

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