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The 10 things you did not know about my TEDx Talk last year.

  1. I was preparing this talk for 3 months. – 1 month for the application proposal & entry into the selection process. And another 2 months for the development of the talk and practice after I had been selected as 1 of the 10 speakers. I would have never done it without these amazing women in my life: The organiser for her trust and belief: Sharon Lawler-Jackson, My coach: Kaye James, and my fellow speaker and practice buddy: Nicola Huelin. And all the other people who heard me several times practice with them, in the most bizarre locations, including a toilet seat! Don’t worry, not while in action!
  2.  My Hollywood moment! – Prior to flying in to Crete for the talk, a friend came to meet me. So I was practicing my speech with her at one of the cafes in the Athens International Airport. Eventually, on the 3rd repetition, we got asked if I was a Hollywood actress! We laughed and said: No – of course not! … Like… where do you see the actress talent, love? The waitress still said, “I don’t believe you!” 
  3. It was my 35th Birthday – It was unreal, I never had so many butterflies in my stomach! It was undoubtedly, one of the most exciting days in my entire life until now! We partied Cretan style afterwards with the most amazing friends and my cousin (see picture above)! Thank you @Stefanos for making our nights count in Chania! 
  4. Talking about birthdays… – 30th of November is Winston Churchill’s birthday and he was mentioned twice in the TEDx talks by my fellow speakers! No-one realised it was actually his birthday!
  5. Disaster hits! – The morning of the talk, we had to be there super early! I was first up… and then… I got locked in bathroom with no phone! I remained calm, collected and positive… if my husband was not awake and there was no small glass window to knock I would have never turned up to the talk of my lifetime!
  6. Here comes the rain … – On that weekend, we did not only have severe weather conditions and wind. We had torrential rain, causing mud slides and highway closures. It took us more than 1.5 hours to get to the venue (a journey of 40 mins, under normal circumstances). The result was no electricity for the eco-building we were hosted by. Most of the talks were in the candlelight! Pretty romantic for us, quite stressful for the organiser and camera crew. 
  7. Good hair day? – Unless my friend Marina, took control of the situation… with her hair straightener, my hair would have been their usual untamed “wild” for my TEDx talk! It’s so important to have girlfriends in your life. Forever grateful @Marina! 
  8. We all have a plan… until we don’t! – I ended up presenting first, rather than second, following a microphone issue with the first speaker. How very stressful being thrusted into unexpectedly early action! Unless it was for Lakshmikant Singh’s smile, I was out of words. The good news is that once I was done with my talk, I cried and laughed like a little girl, by the powerful stories of my fellow women speakers and truly enjoyed the rest of the talks.
  9. The legendary isle of… – Crete is where it all started for me with Purpose and Eudaimonia. I returned to Crete to close the loop of my purpose journey, that started with a Book here in this very island (it was Arianna Huffington’s THRIVE: the Third metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder )
  10. Celebrating more than 3000 organic views – of my TEDx without any promotion or publicity. If you feel the common definition of success is empty and fake, then get sharing the link below! 

To watch my TEDx Talk click here (Choose Subtitles in English or Greek!) – scroll all the way down on this page:

Thank you Chryssa Rapesi for completing the translation/subtitles in Greek

Photo credits fellow speaker Chrisa Tzortzaki Stravoudaki.

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