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I have been called too sensitive (yes I am an empath), scatty (I have multiple passions & only one life!), a free spirit (not conforming – but you knew this….), despicable (for having different values to them!) by various people for various reasons. As a woman and a business person I have been told how I should feel about myself or how I should be or been warned about what I should (or not) say even!

It’s all great (I love a good debate!) if being accepted was my goal. Leading with purpose, has changed the rules of the game for me. I do not need to fight for the corporate status or position by climbing the ladder for being liked. I don’t need to look good or make anyone look good. I can speak my mind, be authentic and no-one can actually make me apologise. This took practice and following Brene Brown’s advice on listening only if the intention of the person sharing comes from the heart and if they are saying this as another person in the same arena as me getting their butt kicked.

If they are just observers pointing the finger to protect their EGO, I do not “invite them in”.

It’s easy sitting and pointing the finger. I am busy in the arena putting myself on the line, as imperfect as I am.

I define myself by the small battles I win against myself: Did I serve my clients as best as I could? Was I authentic to them and to myself? Did I hold back? Could I learn something here? Did I do everything I could with the resources I had?

So before you let anyone’s impression of you define you, check in their intention and only if genuine, then tune in to their radio frequency.

Don’t believe a word anyone says, unless it is: factual and well-intended! I have noticed that most of the times people say things to protect their EGO and feel good about themselves by bringing you down.

It’s not even about you! It’s entirely about them!

And even worse, they do not even notice! It’s not their fault, they do not know better. But you do not have to invite it in. This is how I remain sane, through a lot.

I hope this helps you and serves you. =)

With much love,

Christina x

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