How to believe

We hear it all the time: BELIEVE in yourself. Yeah! Great… and how am I supposed to know how to do this? No seriously… who knows how to BELIEVE? Is it like meditation, prayer or discounting my doubts?

Here are seven pointers on where to look for belief!

1) Let’s look at the facts/signs. You can prove your BELIEF (that you believed) by tracing occasions where you committed your ENERGY, TIME, FOCUS & MONEY. Looking back, where have you done that? These are signs of belief.

2) It is not accidental that people discover their ability to believe when they are faced with unprecedented HARDSHIP. What happens then?

3) When we had enough of being a victim and complaining about how unfair life is to us, we let go of blame and we take RESPONSIBILITY for what we can change. In that moment, when we are no longer willing to tolerate the situation we are in, we find an innate power that changes everything. It’s a DECISION we make to not give up, even against all odds. In these moments, we learn to believe. And when we believe we find the energy.

4) You can learn to believe. How? Start working on your ability to have FAITH (not necessarily religious, but it can help). Your ability to have Faith comes down to your determination to do everything you can to influence what you can control, no matter how hard or how hopeless our challenge is. COMMITMENT and resolve to persevere, even if we do not know the answers or cannot see the full picture yet (right now)

5) A myth about belief is that we think we need to ENTRUST someone or something external to us. True belief comes from being able to trace in ourselves the miracles we hope for, even without prior evidence (even if our past or history tells us otherwise). That’s why WHAT you believe in is irrelevant, you can choose what you believe in, and it is ok if your perspectives change. All we need to do is look inward, that belief can only grown stronger. Leaning to believe in ourselves is called CONFIDENCE.

6) Another common mistake about belief is that, we think we should have no doubts and no fears. The truth is, we never get rid of them. What we can do is RISE above them, every minute, every hour, every day. It takes COURAGE to believe in ourselves, no matter what we are going through. As mentioned in 4) & 5) you now know how to PRACTISE believing.

7) You don’t learn to believe by complex risk calculations or excluding uncertainty entirely. You learn to believe by TRUSTING yourself fully, that you will make the best of any situation you are in. So, forget logic, this is something only your HEART can teach you how to do – It’s a HEART Affair.

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