PERFECTIONISM is DEAD. Don’t be a slave of having to be RIGHT all the time, trying to look GOOD above others or be defined by STATUS alone. It eats up your confidence. Here is how: There will always be amazingly gifted people around you (your peers tell a lot about you!). Trying to be better than everyone else (7 billion people!) is statistically impossible if not exhausting and futile. The bigger your NEED to be RIGHT as a means to prove your self-worth, what others see is a big EGO problem, i.e. the smaller your CONFIDENCE, MATURITY and MEANING at work.

I notice there is such a need for perfectionism at work that we end up satisfying it by bringing others down than lifting them up. Your self-worth is not a seniority rank, a corporation brand name or a salary figure. This is what remains when our WORK is stripped out of its meaning (and YOU personally) and it’s only about performance on a corporate ladder. You do not run out of self-worth, ever. Unless you link it to finite things as above.

Humans bring so much more to work life than a Corporate career hierarchy will ever be able to explain.

Meaning is bringing the WHOLE of you as a person in the WORK equation. With your strengths and weaknesses.

A LEADER is someone who realises that if someone is brilliant at something, you ask for their help. You don’t make a true ally by showing off. You connect by acknowledging each other for your gifts, have fun, and succeed together. I see so many people who think their weaknesses are to be hidden, improved or eliminated. Your weaknesses bring you close to other amazing people. Your weaknesses are not threatening you, they are the reason to collaborate and experience meaning and connection in your life & work.

LEADERSHIP is not about a rank, it’s about knowing how to increase your team’s worth to more than the already assumed self-worth of each member.

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