a good life

When there is doubt in your mind, drop into your heart; there is no doubt there but trust.

Your mind (logic and thoughts) is designed to focus on differences, inconsistencies, holes and imperfections. The mind finds doubts and reasons “why things cannot work”. This mechanism is there to protect you and keep you in your comfort zone.

But when you pause your mind, and drop into your emotional realm (pathos), your feelings will point you towards “why things can work”. Use your gut feeling, anything that matters is a heart affair.

You have both (logos & pathos) for a reason. Balance the two wisely to propel you, rather than stop you. You are alive not to avoid mistakes or to not get hurt, but for the full experience of living: Pain & Pleasure.

A good life is not one of no pain, but one where pain acts as a means to intensify pleasure even more.

Aiming for happiness or just pleasure is vain. Aim for the whole package and censor nothing: this is Eudaimonia. 

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