We all desire Freedom. Because, Freedom is Power. But how can we get it?

Here are some clues:

Freedom does not come from the LACK of RULES. There is no Freedom without DISCIPLINE. Freedom does not come to those who do not take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and results. If we tend to make excuses and still blame others for our dissatisfaction, we are not choosing yet to empower ourselves to realise our full potential.

Modern Slavery is when we don’t like the rules on us because we feel these rules stop us from reaching our full potential. Being able to create the RULES that do not lead to self-implosion or damage others, takes the wisdom and courage of a seasoned leader and the work ethic (values and virtues) of an Olympic athlete. Now you see why Freedom does not come to all of us. Only when you choose to take full responsibility you empower yourself to realise your full potential.

Freedom is synonymous to success. True FREEDOM comes from self-imposed rules, that we adopt and respect.

Freedom cannot be bargained or discounted. Freedom is not a birth right. Freedom is not for everyone, for it must be earned.

It takes hard work and it cannot be handed out in coupons. FREEDOM is the CHOICE of HABITS that propel you (without you even thinking) to your desired direction in life. Freedom is therefore self-made and automatic. But it must be chosen and it takes years to build.

FREEDOM despite popular myth, does not come for FREE.

With Love & Courage,

Christina G of Eudaimonia

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