chicken and egg

Here is a CHICKEN and EGG problem, which came first?

People come to me and tell me, “I do not have a purpose and thus I cannot find a Fulfilling career.” Purpose comes first, right? Or does it?

People tell me: “If I know my purpose (if I have this PERFECT IDEA and Vision of my future), then I will dedicate myself to it, I will know exactly what to do”. I have heard this countless times. And that’s what I thought too – for a very long time! So I work with this, because it is important for me and them.

When the time is right, I explain: “You cannot be in the KNOW unless you are in the FLOW.”

See the assumption is that: To be in the FLOW (Fulfilment) you need to be in the KNOW (of your Purpose). We expect a lightbulb. But now I know that commitment and dedication comes first.

“Anyone who genuinely and consistently looks for something, will find it. – Rumi (a 13th-century Persian poet, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic)”.

Commitment and consistency beats luck every time.

With Love & Courage,

Christina G of Eudaimonia

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