ENERGY… has been my latest obsession. I recently realised that time is relative… yes don’t laugh! I’m not as smart as Einstein. Plus I may know of his theory, but I finally feel I understand just a fraction of what he conceived.

Basically time for me acts as a structured framework. It’s helpful as it measures progress (distance I travelled) on my journey so far. Depending on whether I am in a state of flow or not, time can be a catalyst or an oppressor for me. Why? Time is no more than a singular aspect of a multidimensional experience called being ALIVE. We all are obsessed with time, how quickly we achieve stuff seems to be an impressive measure of how “good we are” for modern society. But let me demystify that for you now… Time feels empty for me. A potent empty. Let me explain.

The only way this time can be meaningful to me, is by how much energy I have within a given timeframe. How electric this time is, or how intense it feels is my only measure. Why? Because energy is FUEL. If I have energy I can do so much in 30 mins. If I have no energy, you can give me 20 years, and I will not achieve it. For so long I thought having time or not having time was what I was missing or what was the resource I needed to achieve my goals in life, for my experience to be validated on this planet. Now I know this is not the case.

So what am I doing differently as a result? I am trying to not complain about the time I have, I am only concerned with the energy I have within this time. How are you measuring time? In seconds, minutes, hours or energy-ful seconds, minutes, hours? The latter is indeed limited and rare – a life-force.

How do you create this potent time?

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