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GOOD LUCK: Once you choose Purpose to be your mindset at work… there is one thing you will naturally let go. And it is this: external approval. Your career CHOICES from now on will NOT make any SENSE to an non purpose-driven professional. They will simply “not get” you. Don’t worry, this is not a sign that you made the wrong choice, albeit, it may get those doubts and fears creeping in fast. I am not saying it will not hurt or confuse you, while transitioning. What is happening is this: On your Purpose Journey, you consciously choose to honour yourself (your purpose) and the tradeoff is therefore not seeking the approval of others (anymore). So naturally, you will be a misfit, an outlier. So be it. This is the price you need to pay to find a new level of belonging.

Being a Purpose Leader, your CV will not make any sense, you will be critisised, and you will feel out of place… but you will be perhaps the only one who knows deep inside you that you are heading in the right direction. This is where confidence comes from, in times of personal adversity. The gain from this pain is that, you will gravitate towards your dreams and learn to support them. This is your own journey, it’s no one else’s. They do not need to understand. So don’t expect that. You will only get disappointed and waste vital energy to get ahead. Sometimes this journey is a lonely one. Until we allow people who we never thought are cool, to support us and be there for us. Hello Rebellious Soul!; in “Eudaimonia Land” we get you. We all honour our Ikigai (purpose). We may be travelling in different directions but we are supported on our quest to unfolding our most authentic selves and living our most authentic lives.

So which mindset do you have at work?

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