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What is the RIGHT or WRONG career choice for you?

If you feel paralysed or directionless about what your next career move should be….I always say that PURPOSE is about making a CHOICE. My clients rightly argue…. but how do I know what choice is right or what is not?

It shows me they are NOT READY to make a MISTAKE yet.

How are we expectant to get the rewards of a GOOD DECISION, if we are not willing to bear the costs of a BAD CHOICE?

For me there is no right choice or wrong. We will never have all the data to predict our future with 100% accuracy. So what are we left with?

Assuming everything else remains equal, this is my RULE of THUMB. If it’s hard it is probably RIGHT. Let me explain… if the process makes you a better person, makes you face a fear or come face to face with your daimons, it is probably RIGHT. We will not always be ready for the fight, but what we consider as Evolution / Progress / Growth tends to give us meaning (e.g. an important development of a skill – like sales or personality trait – like discipline). If it is worth the mess that will ensue, then it is right. EGO is the only thing that wants us to make the right decision (and look good). Our HEART can forgive our mistakes. If we are unforgiving of others and critical, it shows our need to be RIGHT for the sake of saying that we were right.

Who do you tell yourself you are, when you make mistakes? I tell myself: I am a fixer – I am more valuable because of my mistakes – I am brave to go first without guarantees.

So here is a much more effective way to look at this DILEMMA.

A DECISION is either HONEST or not.

Are you READY for your TRUTH?

With Love & Courage,

Christina G of Eudaimonia

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