courage or regret

Everything major and noteworthy, any important decision, comes down to this binary choice. Courage is NOT always the RIGHT choice. I am not suggesting courage is better than regret, either. The choice can be either, as long as it’s a conscious one.

For entrepreneurs, holding onto what they know is the courageous choice and letting a paid corporate opportunity go the wise yet regretful thing to do.

For women, an abortion might be the courageous thing, whereas keeping the baby the regretful choice. We can simply not know what is right or wrong. So this is mostly the wrong question to ask ourselves. Our EGO wants us to be right and win.

Courage for me signifies the consistent direction of our choices to becoming a better version of ourselves. To choose COURAGE we need to know the “direction” that makes us better, that brings us closer to our PURPOSE. Not everyday we will be called to make that choice, nor that choice will matter. Watch out that when that decision matters most, that your previous choices do not add up to regret or leading you down a road you do not wish to travel. Perhaps every choice we make counts after all.

The real dilemma behind any of these decisions that matter is one of COURAGE or REGRET. Make the RIGHT choice for you. Be aware of habitual and conditional choices and check in: “Is it taking me where I want to go?”

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