As humans we need to grow, we need variety, or we’d be bored. Since a young age I was a Freedom lover & fiercely opposed a structured routine. I would avoid it at any cost. I have confused structure with obedience to a cause that I was not bought into. Later on I figured, that it’s within structure that freedom truly lies.

Structure truly gives freedom another meaning. I see structure as the only path to reaching a goal and ultimately fulfilling my purpose. But perhaps it would help if I explained that there are stages: first comes choice, increasingly realising in our lives that there is not an easy way out (i.e we cannot attain what we want by avoiding the work it requires). Only a difficult way in. This makes us humble. We lie in front of a decision that’s hard yet meaningful to us, and we finally commit. Then we develop the necessary discipline and a virtuous pattern called routine to work through it. Finally, follow the unconscious habits as part of our behaviour.

For me Freedom is chosen (not by avoiding structure) but from following a strict self-imposed structure. Freedom is not having to think about it, it’s “knowing” that I’m heading where I must, without even trying or using brain power anymore. The confusion lies in thinking that freedom / variety needs to be intellectually stimulating. On the contrary, freedom is detachment from effort, through structured predictable effort, so much that it flows effortlessly. Think of it as having created an engine that takes your boat upstream rather than rowing. And when that engine does not utilise you (and your oxygen) as a fuel anymore, you lungs and mind are free to sing on the journey up the river. This is freedom.

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