It’s ironic that everyone wants to be a LEADER (all motives are valid for me)… but a rare few seem to know or are interested in doing the work to SELF-ACTUALISE before they LEAD! I want to share with you a story of LEADERSHIP that spans generations.

We all want to LOVE what we do, be FULFILLED but are not prepared to discover our true gifts and contributions in this lifetime/world. This is why I set up Eudaimonia Coaching UK almost 10 years ago, to “democratise human flourishing”. 10 years on, massive corporations and consultancies (with a few exceptions) reject my services saying: “Our employees know their purpose, the leadership team has gone through training, so we are sorted!”

This is very telling of leaders who are absolutely not business minded nor have commercial acumen and they are plenty hiding in the corporate trenches. This attitude may be fantastic for their cost centres in the short-term but is really not serving their select leaders and certainly is a risky shortsighted approach to organisational performance in the years to come.

Why am I saying all this? Well… consider the above approach in contrast with one of the oldest Dutch FAMILY OFFICES in Central Europe, who headhunted me to give up my work for at least 5-7 years to work in close proximity with their youngest generation of leaders! The first key to viability of a company (diverse group of companies, worth billions) comes from its SOURCE (i.e. its leaders who need to demonstrate ultimate ownership and accountability despite market conditions in the long run) and they recognise that unless their LEADERS are GROUNDED in PURPOSE there is no point giving them shareholder ownership! Boom!

“Without PURPOSE activated in your SOUL you cannot LEAD!” – Christina Garidi

And this 500 year old family office understands this intimately and clearly! Finding purpose is a process that takes a few weeks to discern (my “Eudaimonia Coaching Method” takes care of this aspect step-by-step), a few more months to implement (bring the MIND and HEART in sync), and perhaps a few years until career ALIGNMENT is fully INTEGRATED. This timeline is beyond a corporate position, of course. It accompanies leaders beyond a position or a career phase. If leaders are to THRIVE in the long term and not just be a DISPOSABLE (replaceable) resource by the companies they join, they need to find their own throughline and MEANING for their work and contribution and keep weaving it creatively for a lifetime.

That’s why empty PERSONAL BRANDING does not work without the groundwork. LEADERS cannot RELY on their company to frame their TRUE IDENTITY just in corporate terms and express their HUMANITY in business outcomes. The first portal to EUDAIMONIA is and will always be through PURPOSE. I do not do QUICK FIXES, sorry. I am committed to ACTIVATING your PURPOSE in the years to come, to help you show up AUTHENTICALLY. I will do whatever it takes… ARE YOU IN?”

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