Discover your Purpose – Put it into Action – Thrive in your Career


About this Programme

This unique in its kind programme is going to help busy yet ambitious professionals to find their purpose at work. Without having to quit their job or questionable advice like “follow your passion”. By following my proven method step by step “Flourish: Homecoming Journey” you will be able to define your Purpose and put it to work in designing your very own purpose-driven roadmap to a fulfilling career.

Benefits of the Programme

Get the tools you need to make one of life’s most important decisions for yourself: Choosing a fulfilling Career.

Discover your Purpose

Articulate your Purpose Statement, taking into account who you are and where you are going

Envision your Impact

Define your Desired Impact and clarify your Values (your decision making compass)

Design your Fulfilling Career

Design your Actionable Roadmap for a fulfilling Career

Your Programme includes…

2 x private 1:1 sessions of 60 minutes

4 x immersive group sessions with structured learning

4 x live Q&A sessions

Exclusive access to a private Facebook group throughout the duration of the programme

Don’t just take my word for it…

Check out what others have to say…

I found the program thought provoking, easy to follow and surprisingly effective – within a few weeks I got the clarity I have been looking for years, increased motivation and eagerness for action. Christina’s role was critical in motivating me to go through the process and see results in such short timeframe; she created a great and supportive environment with the rest of the participants and navigated us effectively through the program. It was definitely worth the investment -wish I had done it sooner.Lia Barbopoulou, Senior Leader Oil & Gas
Simply mind blowing! The way of seeing opportunities in my life is changed by doing this courseAbhinesh Gangadharan, Finance Entrepreneur
It’s a well structured but also a personal road that gives you lots of insights about yourself. Christina is warm, open minded and a real coach. I have now clearness in my professional road that I have to take (and even personal road). Trust the process.Gert van Keer, Property Developer
I found Christina to be naturally enthusiastic in helping people to wake up to who they’re meant to be… I quickly learned that she is patient, understanding and very professional and I was at ease to trust her in the delivery of the tools and knowledge on the subject of Purpose. The Process was Challenging, Educational and Empowering. Christina, is Professional, Experienced and Understanding. I was reminded that each of us have amazing natural abilities and desires which can explode into an exciting lifestyle, and purpose/fulfilment doesn’t have to be fully understood before getting started. I now recognize that my unique gifts should not be shrouded in doubt/normalisation/fear. Trust the Coach. Trust the process. Work hard. Be open minded.Kev Bungard, IT Professional
Christina exuded strength, compassion and most importantly listened to me without any judgement. That’s what I needed the most during that time in my life. I found her process very thorough, reflective and life-changing. Christina was so positive, patient and supportive through all our sessions. I learned so much from Christina during our sessions. She taught me how to cope through trying times by being positive and looking at failures as a learning opportunity and most importantly to not give-up and to visualise myself achieving my goals. I’m in a much better place in my life right now and wholeheartedly recommend Christina to anyone who is feeling stuck at life’s crossroads.P Dias, Portfolio Analyst
Christina has been great in allowing me to rediscover myself and utilise my qualities in the best possible way. She provided me with a clarity and values that have brought my life in the next level. I feel a connection that will be utilised not only to get me out of my struggles but to keep striving for greatness in the years to come. It can all summarised in the following words, Christina changed my way thinking and brought a positive note to my approach towards everything in life.Thomas Kaskanis, Shipping Professional


When are the sessions?

Joining instructions will be issued with all dates of live sessions, Q&A sessions, how to book your 1:2:1’s and how to access the Private Facebook group. From April until early June consider your Tuesdays as #PurposeTuesdays!  All Live sessions start at 19:00 UK time and finish at 21:00 UK time.







* Please note, the “Bonus 1-2-1” is only included on selected offers.
** The 1-2-1s can be scheduled throughout the specified week (not necessarily on the day indicated on this timetable).

If I cannot make a session?

You will get the most out of the course if you can make the live sessions.  Otherwise, if you can’t make it, let us know in advance and you will receive the session you missed as a recorded video.  Instructions for homework will be sent in your inbox directly.

What if I am not able to complete the homework?

You will have 2 weeks to complete all homework, in between of the live group sessions. Also to support with the habit-building and participating as a peer group, we have scheduled a specific time in between of the live sessions (Intermittent Tuesdays Q&A) to ask questions LIVE.  If a question pops up outside of the live session, you can always post it on our Private Facebook Group where one of the Eudaimonia team will answer directly for everyone’s benefit.

Can I pay in instalments?

No because the admin effort in tracking all payments will be more expensive than the course itself! Also, historically we have found that people who commit upfront tend to complete the course successfully.

Risk free Money Back guarantee?

If you complete the first 1-2-1 and Group Session 1, and you feel this is not for you, please let me know in 24 hours from our first Group Session completion and I will refund the amount, no questions asked.

What if I do not have Facebook?

We want you to experience the power of community and a safe encouraging peer group! So we recommend joining FB for these 10 weeks only (even under a different persona). If this is not an option for you, we will keep you fully informed and as engaged as possible through email. But you will miss on the enriched learning and breakthroughs that your actively engaged peer group may experience together. Shared learning is powerful for its community wisdom and we honestly don’t want you to miss on that!

Any other questions?

If your questions about the course aren’t answered above, please ask me directly at