My Story – Christina Garidi

Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia
Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia
Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia
Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia

In 2012, I started waking up to the realisation that the path I have chosen, was not making me neither successful nor happy (in my own terms, anyway!). I started obsessively looking for a way to redefine my own success model. Career coaching acted as a catalyst for me to find the courage to tune into my own self-discovery journey.

The result? I re-architected my careeer completely.

Founding Eudaimonia Coaching puts me in a position to follow my passions, blend my skills to serve the causes I believe in. I consciously invest in my mental and physical wellbeing and my business is enhancing my life.

My raison d’être is to enable you to do the same, i.e. empowering you to realise your potential

I am addicted to anything relating to the concept of Eudaimonia, social entrepreneurship, fresh ideas, innovation, the power of modern networks, leadership and Greece’s socioeconomic recovery. I am energised by problem solving (I call it my No. 1 hobby!) and the art of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).

Before I founded Eudaimonia Coaching, I accumulated 8 years of experience as a Business Consultant / Analyst in London.

I have a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Business and Management.

I have trained with the Animas Centre for Coaching.

High on my agenda in addition to Career and Business coaching is volunteering for Reload Greece. This is my way of giving back to my country. I do everything from shaping their Mentoring Programme, to supporting their events. I love mentoring their startups on a regular basis. One of my proudest moments was when I represented Reload Greece’s cause in front of Investors and His Excellency the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the United Kingdom, Mr Konstantinos Bikas.

I am a curious spirit and I love to connect (with) people.

In my spare time, I always meet up with friends, love a good cup of coffee (and cake at every opportunity!). I try (hard) to keep up my “Japanese”, I enjoy travelling and savouring new flavours in the culinary scene of the world!