My Story – Christina Garidi

Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia
Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia
Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia
Christina Garidi; Eudaimonia Coaching; Eudaimonia

Hey Eudaimon, Thanks for stopping by, to share with me your precious moments. I will honour them with my truth.

The gist is that I am a Purpose & Career Coach and TEDx Speaker. I founded Eudaimonia Coaching UK, with a sole purpose to democratise human flourishing. Through my work, I have inspired more than 10,000 people towards a more fulfilling career. I help people find their professional purpose and empower them to realise their full potential, through 1-2-1 coaching or in a group context. I have spoken in front of 600+ audiences and specialise in creating bespoke career development workshops, for corporate organisations and employees, that have a lasting impact in their lives.

But it was not always like that…

In 2012, I started waking up to the realisation that the path I have chosen, was not making me either successful or happy (in my own terms, anyway!). I started obsessively looking for a way to redefine my own success model (you can watch my TEDx about the Existential Crisis I have found myself in…). Coaching acted as a catalyst for me to find the courage to tune into my own self-discovery journey.

The result? I re-architected my careeer completely. Founding Eudaimonia Coaching puts me in a position to follow my passions, blend my skills to serve the causes I believe in. I consciously invest in my mental and physical wellbeing and my business(es) are now enhancing my life.

My raison d’être is to enable you to do the same, FIND your PURPOSE i.e. empowering you to realise your full potential

I am addicted to anything relating to the concept of Eudaimoniaentrepreneurshipinnovation, the power of modern networksleadership and Greece’s socioeconomic recovery. I am energised by problem solving (I call it my No. 1 hobby!) and the art of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).

I have started 4 more businesses since Eudaimonia. But before Eudaimonia, I accumulated 10 years of a dynamic experience as a Business Consultant in London (IT, customer services, organisational change management, and business strategy). 

My eye opening transition happened through serving as the Head of Mentoring for Reload Greece (a UK based educational charity for Greek entrepreneurs) where I created an amazing pro-bono community of highly impactful active mentors, coaching them to deliver our educational programmes (pre-accelerator & accelerators) for startup founders. I took the mentoring community from 15 to 300+ mentors with zero budget. I have run weeklong intensive entrepreneurship courses (taking early-stage business ideas into pitching stage) in partnership with the American College ALBA Postgraduate Business SchoolThis was my way of giving back to my country and one of my proudest moments was when I represented Reload Greece’s cause in front of Investors and His Excellency the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the United Kingdom, Mr Konstantinos Bikas.

And for the record…  I hold a BSc in Environmental Sciences from Southampton University and an MSc in Business Management from Strathclyde Business SchoolI have trained with the Animas Centre for Coaching and carry on personal development with globally renowned business mentors and coaches, to bring the latest evolved and effective coaching practices to my clients.

I am a curious spirit and I love to connect (with) people.

In my spare time, I am writing my book, as part of my mission to help people find their purpose, due to be published next year. In my spare time, I meet up with friends, love a good cup of coffee (and cake at every opportunity!). I try (hard) to keep up my “Japanese” and fail, I enjoy travelling and savouring new flavours in the culinary scene of the world and making new meaningful friendships and connections!