Feel UNEASY that you don’t know your PURPOSE yet?

PANICKY at the expectation of having to know your PURPOSE, when you don’t?

Have you been searching for your PURPOSE for a long time, and still CONFUSED?

I know, right?
This is the new “What do you do?” question, that people use to judge you and put you in a pigeonhole.
If you feel PURPOSE is the new fluffy buzzword, used to make you feel INADEQUATE, then I can help.

Finding your Purpose is like a PUZZLE.
With the difference, that it is your Self-Discovery Puzzle.
To start solving any puzzle, you need to start by finding the Corner Pieces.
Then dedicate time, use trial and error, intuition and imagination to lock in all the pieces in the right place.
I am here to help and give away the corner pieces of this puzzle called your Purpose.

I have designed a series of emails to take you on your brave journey with each email covering a topic below:

1) What is Purpose?
2) How to find your Purpose?
3) How does Purpose feel like?
4) What Purpose is NOT!
5) Decisions & Actions towards your Purpose
6) Why we FEAR following our Purpose?
7) Get a downloadable PDF worksheet upon providing FEEDBACK on the series to activate your learning

See these as stepping stones you will look for and figure out on your Purpose Seeking journey.
Be my guest. I cannot wait to be able to guide you!

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