Are you an AMBITIOUS woman who wants to make 2017 count?


You are in for a treat with the Purposeful Desires 2017 Workshop!!!

Many Women have told me that GOAL SETTING exercises do not work for them.

I have personally struggled to keep myself working daily towards a bigger goal. Especially if this was a personal rather than a work or business related goal.

Most of our personal goals are intangible and not measurable.

This WORKSHOP is PERFECT for you if you:

– Are BORED of New Year RESOLUTIONS that do not get done.

– Are struggling to keep FOCUS on your GOALS.

– Are looking for the RIGHT goals to commit to.

– Want an EASY and SUSTAINABLE system to keep track of your progress.

If any of the above are true for you,  what is happening is that noone taught you how to …


There is an ART and a SCIENCE behind achievement.  This involves: CLARITY, ALIGNMENT and STRATEGY.

What if instead of setting GOALS, you had to honour your desires?

A simple WORD swap, can shift your pre-disposition towards planning/achieving.

What if instead of MUST DOs, TO-DO lists, TARGETS and SHOULDs, you could simply allow yourself to be PURPOSEFUL?

Let me navigate you through discovering and honouring your PURPOSEFUL DESIRES.

Come to our 3-hour intensive workshop

What is included in the Workshop

1. Three-hour intensive and interactive training session from Christina Garidi, Career Coach and Founder of Eudaimonia Coaching

2. A workbook for you to take notes on the PURPOSEFUL DESIRES exercises

3. An exclusive “Success Journal” (from the creator of the Gratitude Journal), developed with you and sent to you a few days after.

4. A peer group of other Purposeful Successful Women who will MAKE THEIR 2017 SUCCESSFUL (we are running this event for the Mindful Club).

5. So Far… Reflections Worksheet, to help you prepare for the Purposeful Desires workshop (downloadable, once you complete your registration on Eventbrite)!

With this Purposeful Desires Workshop, you will walk away having:

1. Created your very own PURPOSEFUL DESIRES that will inspire you.

2. Learnt a simple SYSTEM to motivate you daily.

3. Obtained a way to keep you FOCUSSED on the right GOALS for you.

Social Proof

I would recommend Christina! She asks challenging and thought provoking questions, in a caring and honest manner. Her style made me feel safe and explore the issues at hand. Christina enabled me to develop a clear pathway to reach my goal.Anne Goodridge, A Way Forward Life Coach
I would highly recommend Christina, she is an incredible coach. I have gained so much from her coaching. She has helped me develop my business and personal goals and assisted me to find a way to precision focus on them. The impact on my business has been significant and it has given me clarity, drive and harnessed my ambition in the right way. She is knowledgeable and has great empathy and understanding. I look forward to continuing working with Christina on my journey. Thank you Christina!Katie Wilson, Founder and Director of Exceptional Mumpreneurs

To your PURPOSEFUL 2017!!!

Christina Garidi of Eudaimonia Coaching UK

Make 2017 count with Purposeful Achievements!


1. Where is the location of the three hour workshop?

The location will be The Black Penny – 34 Great Queen Street, WC2B 5AA London

2. Are beverages/refreshments included?

No, however you can purchase your preferable beverage on the premises.

3. Is lunch included?

No, however you are free to stay on after the workshop and have lunch on the premises.

If you have any more questions please contact Christina Garidi at :