belongings and belonging

How do you ENJOY LIFE?

There are two ways to ENJOY LIFE. Focus on BOTH and overlook neither: 1. Focus on BELONGINGS, i.e. get abundant through increasing physical wealth, in order to create freedom of...

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purpose mindset

Once you choose Purpose to be your mindset at work… Good Luck!

GOOD LUCK: Once you choose Purpose to be your mindset at work… there is one thing you will naturally let go. And it is this: external approval. Your career CHOICES...

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MERAKI – what is it and why it gives meaning to our work

MERAKI in Greek means “Doing something with a sense of PRIDE and CARE”. In English it could be loosely translated as the LABOUR of LOVE we see from certain craftsmen,...

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It’s not TIME you need, it’s ENERGY

ENERGY… has been my latest obsession. I recently realised that time is relative… yes don’t laugh! I’m not as smart as Einstein. Plus I may know of his theory, but...

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career choice

Right or Wrong Career Choice?

What is the RIGHT or WRONG career choice for you? If you feel paralysed or directionless about what your next career move should be….I always say that PURPOSE is about...

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Freedom is PRICELESS, but it is NOT FREE

We all desire Freedom. Because, Freedom is Power. But how can we get it? Here are some clues: Freedom does not come from the LACK of RULES. There is no...

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Where does Freedom lie?

As humans we need to grow, we need variety, or we’d be bored. Since a young age I was a Freedom lover & fiercely opposed a structured routine. I would...

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PERFECTIONISM is so… 2000 & late!

PERFECTIONISM is DEAD. Don’t be a slave of having to be RIGHT all the time, trying to look GOOD above others or be defined by STATUS alone. It eats up...

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What is DECENCY made of?

DECENCY – this is for me the SINGLE FACTOR that separates a GREAT relationship from a bad one. I never knew how much there is behind such an uninteresting word....

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How to believe


We hear it all the time: BELIEVE in yourself. Yeah! Great… and how am I supposed to know how to do this? No seriously… who knows how to BELIEVE? Is...

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