How to navigate a REDUNDANCY

Experiencing REDUNDANCY? Going through a redundancy is one of the most agonising, vulnerable, and traumatising experiences in a human’s life. Here are a few things I share with my clients when they are going through it 👇🏻 🔔 your work is not your self-worth 🔔 closure may never come 🔔 make a plan 🔔 take a timeout 🔔 seek guidance 🔔 invest 🔔 gain by giving PS. Joy steadily leads us to confidence :)

courage or regret

The Only Dilemma

Everything major and noteworthy, any important decision, comes down to this binary choice. Courage is NOT always the RIGHT choice. I am not suggesting courage is better than regret, either....

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a good life

A GOOD LIFE is not one of NO PAIN. But one of…

When there is doubt in your mind, drop into your heart; there is no doubt there but trust. Your mind (logic and thoughts) is designed to focus on differences, inconsistencies,...

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belongings and belonging

How do you ENJOY LIFE?

There are two ways to ENJOY LIFE. Focus on BOTH and overlook neither: 1. Focus on BELONGINGS, i.e. get abundant through increasing physical wealth, in order to create freedom of...

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purpose mindset

Once you choose Purpose to be your mindset at work… Good Luck!

GOOD LUCK: Once you choose Purpose to be your mindset at work… there is one thing you will naturally let go. And it is this: external approval. Your career CHOICES...

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MERAKI – what is it and why it gives meaning to our work

MERAKI in Greek means “Doing something with a sense of PRIDE and CARE”. In English it could be loosely translated as the LABOUR of LOVE we see from certain craftsmen,...

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It’s not TIME you need, it’s ENERGY

ENERGY… has been my latest obsession. I recently realised that time is relative… yes don’t laugh! I’m not as smart as Einstein. Plus I may know of his theory, but...

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draw the line

Draw the LINE!!!

“Healthy relations don’t just happen, you put the work in to make them.” – Christina Garidi And the hardest ones are those within our families, relationships and work. Many of...

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chicken and egg

Here is a Chicken and Egg Problem

Here is a CHICKEN and EGG problem, which came first? People come to me and tell me, “I do not have a purpose and thus I cannot find a Fulfilling...

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career choice

Right or Wrong Career Choice?

What is the RIGHT or WRONG career choice for you? If you feel paralysed or directionless about what your next career move should be….I always say that PURPOSE is about...

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