How to navigate a REDUNDANCY

Experiencing REDUNDANCY? Going through a redundancy is one of the most agonising, vulnerable, and traumatising experiences in a human’s life. Here are a few things I share with my clients when they are going through it 👇🏻 🔔 your work is not your self-worth 🔔 closure may never come 🔔 make a plan 🔔 take a timeout 🔔 seek guidance 🔔 invest 🔔 gain by giving PS. Joy steadily leads us to confidence :)

courage or regret

The Only Dilemma

Everything major and noteworthy, any important decision, comes down to this binary choice. Courage is NOT always the RIGHT choice. I am not suggesting courage is better than regret, either....

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a good life

A GOOD LIFE is not one of NO PAIN. But one of…

When there is doubt in your mind, drop into your heart; there is no doubt there but trust. Your mind (logic and thoughts) is designed to focus on differences, inconsistencies,...

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