courage or regret

The Only Dilemma

Everything major and noteworthy, any important decision, comes down to this binary choice. Courage is NOT always the RIGHT choice. I am not suggesting courage is better than regret, either....

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a good life

A GOOD LIFE is not one of NO PAIN. But one of…

When there is doubt in your mind, drop into your heart; there is no doubt there but trust. Your mind (logic and thoughts) is designed to focus on differences, inconsistencies,...

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MERAKI – what is it and why it gives meaning to our work

MERAKI in Greek means “Doing something with a sense of PRIDE and CARE”. In English it could be loosely translated as the LABOUR of LOVE we see from certain craftsmen,...

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draw the line

Draw the LINE!!!

“Healthy relations don’t just happen, you put the work in to make them.” – Christina Garidi And the hardest ones are those within our families, relationships and work. Many of...

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define yourself

How do you DEFINE yourself?

HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF? I have been called too sensitive (yes I am an empath), scatty (I have multiple passions & only one life!), a free spirit (not conforming...

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