Christina Garidi, Career and Business Coach, Founder of Eudaimonia Coaching UK

What is Succes? The Eudaimonia Perspective

The theme of this remarkable TEDxDrapanosWomen event on
30th November 2018, in Drapanos, Chania, Crete, was: Showing Up.

This event was running concurrently with 200 other TEDxWomen events in 70 countries across the globe.
I was one of many women who took part in this celebration of women showing up.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

Brene Brown

This talk is about

Purpose, Loss, Homecoming, Journey, Success and Eudaimonia.

This talk is for YOU…

If you ever attempted to “Redefine Success”
If you ever attempted to “Find your Purpose”
If you ever attempted to “Align Success with Purpose”.

In this talk I share

1. The 3 steps to Success
2. Why Values are important for your Success
3. How Eudaimonia changed my life
4. The Eudaimonia Success Model® (for the first time)
5. A comparison between the Eudaimonia Success Model® and the Traditional measures of Success

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With love and gratitude,
Christina xx