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This webinar is specifically designed for time-starved, high-achieving corporate professionals, that want something more from their lives.

Meaning is the single most important ingredient to reaching our full potential at work.

If you have been feeling lost without a clear direction at work or procrastinating over your next career move, this webinar will give you the tools you need to make one of life’s most important decisions for yourself: Choosing a Fulfilling Career.

Webinar Dates

Tuesday 30th March 2021
7:00 PM BST (UK time)

Thursday 1st April 2021
7:00 PM BST (UK time)

What You Will Learn In This 60-Minute Webinar:

#1: Common Myths about Purpose

And the Truth that you should know instead

#2: A Simple yet Powerful model to pinpoint your Purpose

Get clear on the core elements that compromise your purpose

#3: Tried and Tested Methodology

How Purpose works and how you can harness this knowledge to choose a Fulfilling career

Christina Garidi

Founder of Eudaimonia Coaching UK

About the Speaker:

Christina Garidi, Career Coach and TEDx Speaker, founded Eudaimonia Coaching UK, with a sole purpose to democratise human flourishing. She helps people find their professional purpose and empowers them to realise their full potential, through  coaching. She also specialises in creating bespoke career development workshops, for corporate employees, that have a lasting impact.

She has spoken in front of 600+ audiences and she has run intensive entrepreneurship courses in partnership with American ALBA business school in Athens. She recently started her second business in Property Investment and believes that financial wellness is an essential part of human well-being.

Christina brings 10 years of consulting experience in IT, customer services, change management and strategy. She has studied Environmental Sciences at Southampton University and has an MSc in Business Management from the Strathclyde Business School. She is in the process of publishing her first book, which is part of her lifelong mission to help more people find their purpose and live a fulfilled life.